Winter Gardens


We are excited to offer many unusual evergreens in quart sized pots for you to plant up winter gardens for the patio, deck, or to give as gifts. Combine evergreens, wintergreen, twigs, berry branches, and mulch it all with pine cones. By using a sturdy clay-like pot, these planters can be left outside all winter long. In the spring, you can plant the evergreens directly in your yard. I have done this for quite a few years and am slowly building a border of really neat plants. Shown above is a cluster of ‘Skyrocket’ junipers, a compact arborvitae, a ‘Blue Princess’ holly, and a ‘Blue Star’ juniper. If you have friends or relatives that have recently purchased a home and are just beginning to do their landscaping, this would make an awesome gift! In the past few weeks we have planted dozens of patio pots and windowboxes for our clients using these great evergreens. You are only limited by your imagination! Give it a try.