Wilt-Pruf Time is Here


At Natureworks, we LOVE Wilt-Pruf. This is an all-natural, anti-dessicant spray made of pine sap that we spray on our broadleaf evergreens to keep them from drying out in the winter. The temperature range to spray Wilt-Pruf is critical: it must be applied when it is above freezing.  Using Wilt-Pruf after a period of deep, soaking rains is the ideal time as it helps keep the moisture in the leaves. That would be late October through mid-November.

We also use Wilt-Pruf when transplantingshrubs at this time of year. This week we are moving nine GIANT rhododendrons, some hollies, and andromedeas. All were deep soaked and Wilt-Prufed in advance of this work.

We count on Wilt-Pruf to prolong the life of all of our fresh cut evergreens during the holiday season. It is a local product, made in Essex, CT and has stood the test of time as a fabulous protective measure for many purposes.