What’s Bugging You?

Do you grow squash in your garden? Most of us do. One zucchini plant will feed a family for the summer. This weekend we noticed our squash plants had holes in them. We turned the leaves over and found the tiny brown eggs seen above. Horrors! Squash bug eggs. If you find them early, it is simply a matter of squishing them.
Eewwww!!! If you don’t scout for them and they hatch, this is what you will find. Young squash bugs marching forth, hungry for your plants.
We spray our plants with Spinosad or Pyrethrin, top and bottom of leaves, as soon as we see them hatching. Squishing the eggs is much easier. Walk your gardens daily. Slow down your mind and be in the present moment and observe the details of the living, growing world around you. Not only will you prevent an infestation of voracious bad bugs, you will also find these may be the most delightful moments of each day.
Kassie is scouting for squash bugs on Veggie Island in our parking lot.
Speaking of things that are bugging me, with the ripening of my raspberry patch, the Japanese beetles have arrived, right on time. Out comes my jug of

water mixed with canola oil and soapsuds. I sneak out in the early morning and evening and knock them into the jug. Trying to do this during the day is useless; they fly away when you approach. They are much easier to sneak up on at both ends of the day. Or, you can do what my husband does and suck them up into our shop vacuum. He then seals the end with foil. As he says, “it takes practice, a fine touch, to capture the beetles and not suck up the leaves and raspberries too.” That is certainly one man’s creative approach to organic pest control!