Think spring…Think spring…Think spring…

Think spring…Think spring…Think spring…
March is a crazy month. In fact, winters in CT are crazy. We had 70 degree temperatures the week of the flower show. My yard was filled with early flowers from my witch hazels, hellebores, and early bulbs. It snowed but they prevailed. But the deep, abiding cold and wind of this weekend froze them all. Now we have tons of snow. It is both depressing and demoralizing. What’s a spring-starved gardener to do?

“Faith is the bird that sings while the dawn is still dark”


The above saying by Rabindranath Tagore hangs on my wall and I refer to it often. As gardeners, we live on hope. The simple act of planting bulbs in the fall means we have hope. We plant seeds, tiny bits of things, and expect tomatoes. That is who we are. So what’s a March snowstorm? This is not the first time. I looked back at my photos from March for the past 10 years. Many of them were the same- beautiful, early flowers, then flowers in ice and snow, then snow, then…spring! It ALWAYS comes!



No matter what Mother Nature dishes out, Natureworks is reopening for the season this coming Monday, March 20th, the first day of spring. The shop, the greenhouse, the nursery yard have all been getting a major facelift. Pallets of organic products line the parking lot. The greenhouse will be filled with lovely


flowering plants. I will harvest armloads of pussywillows. The seed racks will be up and restocked, finally home after traveling around the state for off-site events galore this winter. Seed starting supplies and great new books to inspire you will be everywhere. It WILL be spring at Natureworks, no matter what it’s like outside!

I do have to tell you about a rebellion that has suddenly risen up at


Natureworks. Even though Easter is not until April 16th this year, we are already placing decorative chicks and bunnies around the store to get everyone in the mood. Well! I came in the other day only to find them outside, in the snow, staging a protest against the storm…


As you can see, Natureworks truly is a magical place. You never know what you will find…

ORGANIC seed starting supplies fill the store
Want to know a REALLY good way to chase away the snowstorm blues? Jump onto the Natureworks website and register for Grow Day which is coming up on Saturday, March 25th. My staff and I are planning some wonderful new workshops. I will even be sharing with you a presentation of the edible gardens I visited in England last summer. Monday, March 20th is the last day to get the best price of $35 when you pre-register in advance. After that, walk-ins are welcome at the price of $40, Click Here.

While you are on the website, check out the brand new butterfly page that Diane has created over the winter. It is filled with information and her gorgeous photographs.  


So, KEEP THE FAITH my friends. Spring really is on the way. The sun sets later and it is very strong and powerful. The birds wake us up with their beautiful songs early in the morning. The peepers that we all heard peeping in late February will peep again soon. I will leave you with some pictures of what to look forward to as the warm March sun melts away the snow.









I’ll see you very soon…