The Garden Bouquet of the Week!

I am on a mission! I want to inspire all of my readers to go out to the garden every week and pick flowers. I have been doing it for decades and it brings so much beauty to the inside of my house. To kick off this campaign, I offer you our very first
Garden Bouquet of the Week
brought to you by Verbena bonariensis, Eupatorium coelestinum, Buddleia ‘Black Knight’, Gomphrena ‘Fireworks, my very first purple daisy perennial mum of the year, zinnias, and a really pretty hosta flower (variety unknown, I found it on one of my nursery crawls in Vermont). This now sits on the sink in my guest bathroom.
Verbena bonariensis is a also called “Verbena on a Stick”. It is truly the most wonderful self-seeding annual. You plant it once, and as long as you don’t weed out the babies, you will have it year after year. Butterflies adore it for it’s nectar and I adore it because it’s always available as a filler for bouquets.
Eupatorium coelestinum is also called perennial ageratum. I love the way the sky blue flowers weave in and out of my borders in September. It is a native plant, and it spreads along the surface, but I find it very easy to pry up some pieces of it each spring and continue to distribute it where I want blue right now. It is a fabulous cut flower. It is shown in my own garden (above) with Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’.

Just keep on planting, and keep in mind the many perennials, annuals, and flowering shrubs that you can harvest to make the inside of your house beautiful. Then, do as I do, and start collecting vases of all sizes and shapes and make it a point to fill them regularly. It is a simple, inexpensive, fun hobby that will bring you great joy.