The Garden Bouquet of the Week

I am on a mission! I want to inspire all of my readers to go out to the garden every week and pick flowers. I have been doing it for decades and it brings so much beauty to the inside of my house, especially now that the days are getting shorter. We need this in our lives!
This week’s Garden Bouquet of the Week isĀ purple monkshood (Aconitum arendsii), Gomphrena ‘Zazzle’ (the glowing starburst of magenta in the center), yellow Jerusalem artichokes (a perennial sunflower with edible roots), ‘Tardiva’ tree hydrangea, fresh flowers on Hydrangea ‘Endless Summer’, goldenrod, culinary sage foliage, surprisingly fragrant pink Sedum blossoms, spikey pink Persicaria, and Aster laevis ‘Bluebird’ and Aster oblongifolius ‘Raydon’s Favorite’.

Fall monkshood is a very long lasting perennial that struts its stuff in late September and October. Related to Delphiniums but much easier to grow, Aconitum arendsii grows 5-6′ tall and lasts for a week as a cut flower in a vase. This photo was takenMonday morning in the mist. Monkshood has spread throughout my borders; this one is growing under the canopy of a pear tree. Yes, they will grow in partial shade!