A Thanksgiving Surprise


I have to admit that the deep, bitter cold snap last week was hard to take. We are still trying to finish cleaning up our client’s gardens and we are working steadily with fresh cut greens and holiday decor outside every single day. All week long I wore 5 layers and STILL felt cold. I told my staff at one point “the older you get the colder you get”.

Sunday was a gift, so warm and mild that I was drawn outside to putter around. I cut some things back, emptied some thawed pots that were frozen solid a week ago, and then started cleaning up the veggie beds. I was saddened to see the escarole, parsley, Swiss chard, broccoli raab, celery, and lettuce had all succumbed to the snow and ice. As I was uprooting them I saw a gleam of orange on the soil surface. Carrots! They had been hiding under the foliage of the other fall crops. I started pawing around and harvested a full colander of carrots AND then I found baby beets! I can’t tell you how excited my husband was when I came into the kitchen with fresh picked veggies. We certainly have a lot to be thankful for, especially the abundant fall crops this year.