The Second to the Last Thing in the Garden…


By now you probably think that you are done with putting the garden to bed. Wait! There is ONE MORE important thing to consider…


Bearded iris foliage continues to grow all during the fall. If, during your regular cutting-down-the-garden sessions you left the iris leaves alone because they looked so good, go back NOW, before the snow really covers the ground, and cut the leaves right down the the rhizome, put them in a garbage bag, and throw them away (NOT in the compost). The iris borer lays it’s eggs on bearded iris foliage in the fall. If left up, the eggs hatch very early in the spring and tunnel down into the rhizome and eat it. No flowers, sick plants, not a pretty picture. This is easily prevented.


The last thing? Once the ground has really frozen, lightly place evergreen boughs over any newly planted perennials, especially those planted, divided, or transplanted the fall. This is to keep the ground frozen and prevent the heaving of the crowns of the plants if we have an open winter with very little or no snow or we have alternate freezing and thawing temperatures.