It’s Party Time!!!


Dear Nancy,
It’s December! It’s hard to imagine that we are less than 30 days away from the end of the year- and we have so much to do before then! First of all, we have to have a great big party. This weekend is our 31st Annual Christmas Open House. Jane is home as I write this, baking her delicious cookies. My staff is busy making lots of fresh wreaths and arrangements- restocking from our three day weekend celebrating Small Businesses. Thank you to everyone who came in to support Natureworks. It was so heartwarming to hear your stories. The winner of the $50 Natureworks gift certificate on Green Friday was Susan Jeanette. She was thrilled!She told us she had never won anything before in her life and so enjoyed her time shopping here. Now she can come back and enjoy a shopping spree on us!
Tallow berries, huckleberry branches, a burlap bow- our wreaths are unique and very special! 
Our second shipment of fresh cut premium Christmas trees has arrived. All of the sudden I felt a sense of urgency to pick out MY tree before the weekend rush. We name our trees. I can’t decide between “Slimbo” and “Harriet”.
People have been coming in and really praising our trees this year. Every one is perfect in it’s own way. They are CT grown and lovingly cared for. We only sell firs as they hold up so well in the house. It is so much fun to choose a tree at Natureworks. It is not uncommon to hear phrases like “I just put Green Man on the roof of my car” or “I was twirling Fir Elise and she’s the one for me!”.
Have you ever shopped at Natureworks in the evening during the holiday season? We are now open Thursday nights until 7 pm for the next 3 Thursdays. It’s quite magical. Twinkling lights are everywhere, it’s a lot less chaotic than shopping on the weekends. Why not stop by and relax with us while picking out a tree, a wreath, and some unique gifts. As always, you will find me in the kitchen, behind the curtain, hands encrusted with sap, designing away. When you walk in, you will probably say what everyone else says: “It smells so good in here!”.  Real live, fresh greenery is everywhere, that is what you are smelling, the real deal! We love it!
An elegant boxwood wreath- let us customize your wreath for you. We have so many beautiful ribbons to choose from.
reshly harvested greens and berry branches are arriving every day. I pick a lot from my yard (my winterberries are outstanding this year) and my crews have been out and about hand pruning evergreens in exchange for the boughs. Once they arrive, they immediately get sent to the back where Erich and his team cut them up, dip them in WiltPruf, lay them out to dry, and then bunch them to restock our bins. This week we have 3 kinds of Chamaecyparis, hemlock with tiny cones, blue atlas cedar, blue berried juniper, boxwood, Japanese holly, yew, andmany varieties of pines, spruces, and firs. We sell these boughs by the bunch and we weave them into hand made bouquets of greens, berries, and long lasting flowers in the shop. THIS is the weekend to get in here for the best selection. It’s time to deck those halls… why not deck the deck, the porch, the patio, and the mantle too while you are at it!
A handmade swag
Flowers and greens and berries
Please make time this week for yourself- stop in, inhale the aromatic greens, soak up the beauty of the flowers and wreaths, shop in a FUN atmosphere. We are open daily, Thursday evenings till 7, and our Open House celebration is this coming Saturday and Sunday. Come, get your tree, your wreaths, your roping, your flowering plants, some new ornaments, and some thoughtful, unique gifts at Natureworks. Celebrate 31 years of my very special, local business.  Support my wonderful staff, your community, and learn what is like to enjoy this time of year again.
See you soon…
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P.S. I have amazing news:
You can now order a Natureworks Gift Certificate

Go to our website and click on the gift certificate section. Yay!!!!!