Natureworks Opens This Friday!

Spring is finally arriving this week and Natureworks is opening full time for the season on Friday, March 20th. We couldn’t be more excited! The signs are everywhere. Snowbanks are slowly disappearing. Winter aconites, snowdrops, and witch hazels are all blooming (albeit three weeks late this year). The birdsong is impossible to ignore as is the increased light at both ends of the day and the strength of the sun when it is shining. Our seed racks are fully stocked, we are overflowing with organic seed starting supplies and everything you need to get going on your garden. The shop has gotten a complete makeover, there are new fairy garden items as well as lots of freshly planted terrariums.Usually when we reopen in March we have a half price sale on last year’s plants. This year we are doing something different. We SOLD all of our 2014 plants in late fall last year but we bought in a lot of beautiful plants and forced them for our garden at the CT Flower Show. These plants have been lovingly tended in our greenhouse since the end of February and they are in full bloom and look amazing. BUT, we need the room. So, we are putting all of the leftover flower show plants on HALF PRICE till the end of the month. This includes ‘Shooting Star’ Hellebores, Pulmonarias, Veronicas, and a lot more. You will have to keep these plants in the garage or an unheated porch for a while as they are in bloom a bit early, but they will certainly help you save some money and get a jump on the season ahead. There will also be a tag sale table set up in the greenhouse with a lot oflast year’s merchandise on deep discount sale. Won’t it be fun to browse blooming plants and great bargains in the comfort of a warm, sunny greenhouse? Can you think of any better way to start off the spring?


As I mentioned in last week’s email, we never got our tender bulbs in for the flower show because it was just too cold. Well, they are here now and they are gorgeous. Diane and I have cooked up a special deal for you: buy 5 packages of bulbs and get one free from March 20-31st. You can start some in advance, or just hold them in the cellar until it is time to plant them directly in the ground. This includes dahlias, caladiums, calla lilies, foxtail lilies, pineapple lilies, Crocosmias, giant elephant ears, and a lot more.

The wait is finally over my friends. Spring is arriving, the snow will melt away, and growth will return to our beautiful earth once again. Come celebrate with us this energizing, exciting time of year as we embark upon our 32nd year in business…
I know I’ll see you very soon!