Design, Installation and Maintenance

Natureworks offers garden design, installation and maintenance services to residents of the following Connecticut towns:
Bethany, Branford, Clinton, Durham, East Haven, Guilford, Hamden, Killingworth, Madison, Middlefield, Middletown, New Haven, North Branford, North Haven, Northford, Wallingford, Westbrook and Woodbridge.

You can be confident that you will have an easy care, well-managed landscape. Let us do it right the first time, then, if you’d like, we can continue to maintain it year after year.

Design and Installation

We specialize in perennial gardens, flowering shrubs, unusual plants, edible landscaping, and designs that focus on all-season color. We use many native plants and teach our clients to have pollinator friendly, sustainable, organic gardens that support a healthy habitat.

Our skilled landscape crews will professionally install one tree or an entire landscape designed by Natureworks.

Details of our Garden Design Services-CLICK HERE for our Garden Design Services Flyer.



We offer several Maintenance Options:
• Frequency of scheduled visits varies See Program Options below.
• Scope of the work and frequency of visits depends on how much the client will do versus how much is expected of the maintenance crew as well as the complexity of the gardens.
• All garden maintenance is done using organic materials and methods.
• Natureworks does not do lawn mowing or lawn care services.

Programs Include:
• Regular maintenance. weekly, every other week, monthly, on-call, or one of the programs below.
• Basic Program includes Spring Wakeup, June Prune, Mid-summer Tune-up, Putting the Garden to Bed
• Spring Wake-Up includes remove winter mulch, top dress with compost as needed, fertilize, clean up leaves and debris, cut back dead foliage, prune roses, butterfly bushes and other summer blooming shrubs.
• Mulching is done once the ground has warmed up, in May.
• June Prune includes pruning all spring blooming shrubs after flowering has finished.
• Mid-Summer Tune-up includes weeding, cutting back, pinching, pruning, staking, organic pest control, staking, open pruning and feeding of roses and repeat blooming summer flowering shrubs, feeding of containers and annuals.
• Putting the Garden to Bed includes hilling up roses, Wilt Pruf spray of all broadleaf evergreens, protection of tender plants, cutting back herbaceous plants, application of winter mulch once the ground has frozen.

For our Garden Design Services Flyer-please CLICK HERE.