I Dream of Vegetables

Dear Veggie Lovers,
I can’t believe we’re saying this, but our amazing variety of vegetable seedlings are finally in stock!
This year, we have a gorgeous selection of organic tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, herbs and more. Expect to see heirlooms, dwarves, and unusual varieties that you’ve never seen before. Look for our selection of berry plants, too!
As usual, you’ll find yourself filling your cart with interesting herbs like the cucumberesque perennial herb “salad burnet”, the naturally sweet stevia, or maybe even a gorgeous tri-color sage.
You’ll include pineapple sage or scarlet runner bean (both sport bright red flowers) as an essential element of your hummingbird containers.
If you’re like us, you’ll simply have to try one of our new dwarf tomatoes which will fit into that grow bag you’ve been meaning to fill with the perfect plant (with marigolds and nasturtiums growing at the base, of course).
We’ve already heard “what was that delicious lemony green with red veins that I grew last year? It seems to be coming back!”. Yep, that was red veined sorrel and we love it too.
Just wait until you see the turmeric plants we have. They add a tropical twist to your garden with their large leaves and amazing exotic flowers. They grow medicinal edible tubers underground.
This year, we’re carrying Healthy Grow fertilizer. We’ve already seen how well this veggie food works and we can’t wait to use it for our tomatoes. Our straw mulch is also new and improved, with a great texture that has made weeding a distant memory. Less watering, too. Don’t even get us started on our heavy duty, collapsible, ROUND tomato cages. Let’s just say, we like them A LOT.
Stay tuned on Facebook , Instagram and Youtube  for videos during veggie week. We’ll give tips and tricks for the newest and most seasoned veggie growers and get you set you up for a long-awaited successful veggie season.
If you’re looking for a weekend project that ends with a perfect veggie bed, we have DIY Build-n-Fill Raised Beds this year. These are the real deal. They’re top notch, with quality powder-coated aluminum corners, sturdy fir wood and all the soil and compost you need to fill the bed. Can you tell we’re REALLY excited about the veggies this year?
Alright veggie heads, our soil is soaked and ready to get planted. Come check in, say “hi” and see what we’re growing (and share the harvest) on veggie island. We can’t wait to see you soon and get growing!
See You Soon,
The Veggie Heads
aka Natureworkers