Great Greens that I LOVE!

We have fresh cut Concolor fir available by the bunch. It smells like lemons and is a soft, blue color.
For nearly 12 years I have been planting evergreens in the shop gardens and in my home landscape to be able to harvest unusual, fresh cut greenery, branches, and berries for the holiday season at Natureworks. As the years go by and the plants slowly develop, I am able to provide more and more of the greens we use in our custom creations at this time of year. This week I want to talk about a few of my favorite evergreens…

Let me begin by singing the praises of concolor fir (Abies concol0r, shown above). Another name for this evergreen is white fir. It is native to high mountain slopes of the western United States but ourd are grown right here, locally, in CT. This evergreens smells wonderful, like lemons! The texture is thick and the needles are a soft blue color.
Elkhorn cedar is shown upside down, with white scales on the underside of the branches making it ideal to design with at this time of year.
Next up on my list of favorites is Thujopsis dolobrata var. Hondai, commonly known as the Japanese elkhorn cedar. Why do I love it so? The thick texture is a joy to work with in wreath making and arrangements. When you flip it over, the scales on the underside of the branches are white. I consequently design with this green upside down all the time. They can grow 20-30 feet tall, but not in MY yard. I now have four plants and I plan on harvesting them each year and maintaining them at a much more manageable height. Tucked under a row of Norway spruces I even have a couple of variegated Thujopsis. They like the shade and they grow
very slowly. I harvest small bits for very special arrangements, usually the week of Christmas.