It’s Fall Renovation Time


We here at Natureworks love organic lawns and want to help you achieve the lawn you want to have. There are many customers who started caring for their lawns organically and stop in to show us photos of their success! It is awesome to see how proud they are. And relieved knowing their lawn is free of toxic chemicals. Many are men and their wives bring them in and we teach how to naturally care for the lawn to make it a safe place for their kids, pets and the environment as a whole.

It is time to feed and renovate thin patches of lawn. Are patches being dug up by crows or skunks? You most likely have grubs and we have nematodes to apply to get rid of them. Nematodes are in stock now. Stop in soon to pick up our organic lawn handouts and ask us any questions. We are eagerly awaiting to analyze the soil tests many of you sent out. Bring them in and we can analyze what nutrients your soil needs (if any) to grow the best lawn. Grass needs to be fed twice a season and fall is the best time to do so to encourage root growth before winter.