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All in-stock OUTDOOR plants 50% OFF

All in-stock OUTDOOR plants 50% OFF Take advantage of this amazing weather and keep on planting! Here’s a sampling of some things we have in stock…  All kinds of dwarf rhododendrons, including “Landmark” with brilliant red fall foliage. I planted this deep pink, April blooming beauty in my own foundation planting.  We also have 4 Rhododendron ‘Scinitillans’ […]

HALF PRICE Sun Loving Shrubs

The following plants are on sale HALF PRICE from June 27th thru July 13th. In stock items only. Lilacs! Who doesn’t love lilacs? We have ‘Grandmother’s Purple’ and ‘Royal Purple’ as well as the late blooming, pink ‘Miss Canada’ and the very fragrant, late blooming dwarf Korean lilac in a tree form. Azalea ‘Girard’s Crimson’- […]

HALF PRICE Shade Perennials

The following shade perennials are on sale at half off from June 27th thru July 13th. In stock items only. Old fashioned bleeding hearts- Dicentra spectabilis  in pink, white, and ‘Valentine’, the new red form Stylophorum diphyllum- celandon poppy celandon poppy really stands out in the spring garden Jeffersonia diphylla- Twinleaf, a very unusual native […]