Beautiful Beautyberry


One of my absolute favorite fall shrubs is Callicarpa (beautyberry). This is simply amazing. Everyone who visits our gardens asks about it. In October, the berries turn an eye-popping, dayglow purple. As the frosts arrive, the foliage turns bright yellow which makes an intense color contrast. By the end of the month, the arching branches are all berries and they hold until Thanksgiving.

This shrub will grow in sun or partial shade AND it doesn’t seem to be bothered by deer. All it needs is a spring cutback to encourage lots of new growth as it blooms on current year’s wood. We feed it with our Magic Formula in April after pruning. In August, tiny white flowers appear up and down the stems. This is when you need to remember to deep soak it once a week as the flowers turn into berries.

Now, simply enjoy the show. We have a few in stock and when they are gone, that’s it! Watch how we use them in our pumpkin arrangements in a couple of weeks. So pretty!