Native_CollectionNatureworks is a small, cutting edge, destination garden center, landscaping installation and maintenance business. We are leaders in organic growing methods and education is a key aspect of our business. Our team members are willing to work hard in all types of weather and provide excellent customer service. Our growth as a company is dependent on repeat customers who respond to our excellent service, quality products and plants.

  2018 Employment Opportunities

There are NO openings at this time.




As an employee of Natureworks:

  • Our image and reputation are very important to us. We wear clean clothing and Natureworks t-shirts are available for a small fee and preferred for the retail staff. Revealing or excessively baggy clothing is not acceptable. Good hygiene is a must.
  • Our employees are expected to show up for work on time. At the end of each shift we expect our employees to ask us “Is there anything else that needs to be done before I go?”
  • We encourage employees to ask a lot of questions, learn a lot and offer any ideas or suggestions that could help us be more efficient, service our customers better, or anything that could increase business.
  • We have a company handbook and we expect employees to read it and follow and respect our procedures.
  • A job at Natureworks is very physical. Employees work indoors and outdoors in all types of weather. Sun, heat, cold, rain-we work in it all. You will be on your feet all day and we expect you to be energetic and smiling. Loading plants, soil, mulch and fertilizer for our customers is an expected part of everyone’s job description. We are a fun group and work hard.
  • We have a very social, caring, hardworking staff. It is important that you are able to cooperate and work well with other people to be a cohesive part of the team. We expect every employee to perform their responsibilities as best they can and we will teach and support you both personally and professionally.  Teamwork is critically important.
  • As an employee of Natureworks you are expected to offer courteous, prompt, energetic service with a smile. We need you to anticipate customer’s needs before they ask and be patient when confronted with a challenge. We expect you to seek out information and learn about our plants and products every shift and share that with the customers you will help.

If this sounds like a place you would like to work, email and we will send you an application.

We will then schedule an appointment time when the manager is in and can meet you when you drop off the application for review.

We look forward to meeting you!


1. Can I fill out an application online?
No, we do not have our application available online. You will need to come to the store to fill out an application. Please call to schedule an appointment  as we are not here all the time during the week.

2. Can I take the application home to fill out?
No, you will need to fill out the application at the store. Please be prepared to spend 30-45 minutes filling out the application.

3. Can I use a resume in place of the application?
No, but we encourage you to bring one with you.

4. Is this a year round job?
We hire for seasonal work. Retail season runs mid-March through the end of June. Landscaping season runs mid-March through November – December. (Depending on weather conditions). If we are staying busy, we may ask you to stay through the season.

5. Do you hire for part time and full time hours?
This depends on our returning team members.

6. Will there be training?
Yes, we will train you for the job you are performing.

7. Do I need to bring anything with me when I come to fill out the application?
Yes, please bring 3 written references-their names, addresses and phone numbers. Also bring work history (if applicable), the employer(s) name, address, phone number, and dates worked.

8. Should I call back to see if I am going to be interviewed?
After you fill out the application, please do not call the store. If we are interested, we will call you to set up the interview.

9. How much per hour do you pay?
This is negotiable based on experience.

10. Can I complete an application if there are no openings at this time?
Yes. we will hold applications for future use.